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The Academy provides skilled, experienced and specially groomed trainers for any company or organisation whose members of staff would like to enhance their command of English. Our custom-made methodology, adaptive exercises and unique feedback have been designed not only to impart knowledge, but also to consolidate previous skills. That is to say, we will not only tell you e.g. the English for „Steckdose“, but we will also make sure that you retain whatever you learn. Training is normally in-house, but we also offer week-end seminars elsewhere. The skills to be consolidated are adapted to your company‘s requirements, but they include: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

Needs analysis

Task-oriented teaching (ToT)

Excellent course management

Remedial teaching


Individual coaching

Interactive teaching

End of course analysis and feedback

Effectiveness check

Further training


We are also translators and interpreters who are committed to working professionally and meeting your deadlines for various source and target languages, including:




German - English, English - German
French - German, German - French
Spanish - German, German – Spanish
Indonesian - German, German - Indonesian
Indonesian - English, English- Indonesian

International relations






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